Exploring the Learning of Students, Teachers, and Science Educators during the Process of Developing New Science Learning Materials

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ผู้เขียน: Benjawan Hanpipat, Kusalin Musikul, Sonthi Phonchaiya, Sanikan Saneewong

The purpose of this study is to utilize action research to explore the changes of students teachers and science educators knowledge and practices toward science during the process of developing the learning materials that aim to enhance science knowledge and skills, thinking skills, and literacy skills. By this process, the primary science team planned essential features of the materials including eliciting students’ prior knowledge, enhancing their reading and writing capacity, enriching their thinking and science process skills. Observing and reflecting phase, the participants were 19 primary teachers and 850 students in diverse background. Data from classroom observation, semi-structure interviews, teachers’ journal and students’ work were inductively analyzed to reflect on the quality of the materials. Findings revealed the professional knowledge about developing primary science materials in order to guide how to develop the work in the future.

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