The Development of Professional Development Model for Small-sized School: the Tak Model

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ผู้เขียน: Sanikan Saneewong, Kusalin Musikul, Sonthi Phonchaiya, Benjawan Hanpipat

The  purposes  of  this  study  were  to  develop professional  development  (PD)  learning  models  for the small-sized schools emphasizing to inquiry-based approaches, to examine teachers’ learning outcomes after  participating  the workshop, and to  monitor  the students’  learning  achievement  from  the  National Test  (NT)  score  after  a  year  of  the  PD implementation.  Science  educators  at  the  Primary Science  Division,  Institute  for  the  Promotion  of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)  developed PD  program  including  students’  activity  books  and teacher’s manuals.  The workshop  was established at Tak  province  and  there  were  150  teacher participants.  Teachers’  conceptual  tests  were analyzed  using  paired sample t-test at p-value 0.05. After workshop, 15  teachers were asked to interview. The students’ NT scores were also investigated at the end of the school year.  Findings obviously suggested the  significant  enhancement  of  teachers’  science concepts.  Majority  of  teachers  satisfied  this  PD program.   The  students’  NT  scores  have  also  been significant raised.

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