The Development of Primary Students’ Scientific Process Skills after the Second year of Implementation of the New Science Learning Materials.

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ผู้เขียน: Dr. Pojchana Khumwong,Dr. Kusalin Musikul, Dr. Benjawan Hanpipat, Dr. Wanchai Noiwong, and Sanikan Saneewong

Regarding the new science education standards aiming to promote science literacy and skills for the next generation of Thai students, the authors have designed and developed new learning materials to enhance students’ science and language literacy, and scientific process skills.
This research aims to investigate how the new learning materials can promote science process skills among the participated students. The tradition of this research is phenomenography and we use case study as a research methods. The scientific process skills test, observation fieldnotes, interviews, and student’s works were served as the primary data sources. We found that the students’ test scores in the 2nd year were about 10% higher than the 1st year of 
implementation. The science process skills of the majority of 2nd and 5th graders were improved, especially on observation, classification, measuring, using numbers, inferring, communication, making conclusion and identifying relationship between space and space.In addition, it revealed that the 5th graders mastered in predicting, experimenting, and modeling skills. However, these students still lacked of skills on making hypotheses, defining operationally, and identifying and controlling variables. These findings provided feedback to us for revising and developing the learning materials for the 3rd year of the implementation.
Keywords: scientific process skills, primary students, the new science learning materials

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